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How were the first immigration journeys like?

In the history of Canada, the largest wave of immigration occurred just after the War of 1812. Immigrants from Britain, Europe, and United States were the first to come to Canada because of promises and benefits the canadian government promised. At the time, the journey over water took more than a months time in extremely tough living environments, which caused many to catch diseases: countless passengers died on the treacherous journey.


The Immigrants of Britain

The largest movement of immigration of Britain took place from 1815-1850. The largest reason that pushed many out of Britain was the overpopulation of the cities and countryside; however, what drew thousands of British to immigrate to Canada was the potato famine that developed in Britain. This motivated many farmers from Ireland and Scotland to emigrate in search of the rich unused soil Canada could provide.


The Immigrants of Black Canadians



Komagata Maru


The CommonWealth

The CommonWealth, originally known as the British CommonWealth is an intergovernmental organization of 53 member states. It first originated during the decolonization of the british empire which occurred in the mid-twentieth century.  It was started by the London Declaration  in the year 1949, in which established the state members as “free and equal”. Members of the CommonWealth were not forced to form an alliance or anything of the sort; however, they do united through language, share the same democratic laws and rights. Ultimately , the CommonWealth is suppose to connect us all together and have different states and cities around the world to at least cooperate with each other; yet, within the case of the Komagata Maru, where people traveled from India, Japan, and China were not allowed into Vancouver, it made me wonder: what is the CommonWealth doing in this situation?

The logo of the Commonwealth