Prostitution bill would make it illegal to buy, sell sex in public

The Supreme Court of Canada struck down three key sections of Canada’s prostitution law in December, 2013. (JOHN LEHMANN/THE GLOBE AND MAIL) A new bill (Bill C-36) has been passed by the House of Commons which declares “buying sex or trying to sell it in public areas involving people under 18 can be found illegal and punishable by up to five years in prison.” The reason why the government would try and rid of prostitution for people under 18 is because the government has recognized, the many that are involved in selling sexual services do not chose to do it, but are forced to. I can see what the government is doing with this new bill; however, i still have many mixed feelings towards this article. Why i think many are forced to go into this business is because they need to make money for their kids. So, though they are “forced” in a way, they are forced because they are not able to attend to their kids or family. Because of this, i think many will still participate in this business because of the need for more support. However, the government has also promised to provide $20 million to help not just young sex workers but any “sex models” to get out of prostitution, which I think will help greatly and will help many to stop prositution and maybe help many to even start new lives. Many think this new bill will infringe on human rights and i agree it will; however, I think the benefits in this case outway the drawbacks.


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